Amos Jones

Amos and Valerie met at Lipscomb University and have been married since 1993.  They have three faithful adult children: Lincoln, Katherine and Garner.  After a few years in Alabama worshiping with the Mayfair congregation, they moved back to Tennessee in 1995.  Since moving back, Amos has served as a Deacon with both 4th Avenue and Brentwood Hills congregations.  Outside of work and church, Amos and Valerie have a shared passion for serving and encouraging others.   For the last 20 years, Amos has focused on mentoring young men and coaches in the Brentwood Football program and Valerie through teaching toddlers and encouraging young mothers.  Amos and Valerie believe their greatest ministry so far has been to be Christian parents and to emphasize and teach God’s design for the family to their children.

The chance to be a part of the Nolen Hills plant was an answer to their prayers for direction as their children were beginning to leave home and are excited for the opportunities to be a part of, and encourage, so many families through the Nolen Hills congregation.

Amos’ favorite book of the Bible is James and his favorite Bible story is when young David faced Goliath and how God prepared him for that one faith-filled moment in time.