Adult ministry is not as simple as the category might imply…it can actually range from a 20 year old to a “very mature person”.  At Nolen Hills, we have really focused on the power of vertical relationships where our classes and our adult activities encourage the mentoring, engagement and enjoyment of our diverse adult members.
We look forward to bible study from a variety of perspectives.
We are also very blessed to have two gentlemen that have been trained in counseling because we realize that sometimes class or a gathering is not the best place to work through life’s challenges.  Sometimes a hot cup of coffee and a comfortable chair is the best way to talk and study.
Our teachers are all men that have committed to study, whether in a textual based format or a life application format, we are committed to speak where the Bible speaks and use wisdom and discernment where the Bible is silent.
We hope you will join us for class, bible study or would be open to getting together to talk about God’s word and ways we can all serve Him in the Nolensville Community.

I was so frustrated being in age specific classes where we fed on our lack of experience and spiritual maturity.  I love how we have classes by topic and designed to engage so many to participate in the learning.