Eight families from Nolensville came together with a vision to plant a church in Nolensville that would have a focus of ministry and outreach to  all the new and growing families in the area.
This new church plant consists of families from differing congregations that had a “unifying focus” on this mission…this was not a church plant conceived from a split rather it came with the blessings of the congregations which they had attended.
In the Spring of 2016, these seven families met with the elders of Brentwood Hills to be their sponsoring church as they made plans to make the vision a reality.  As the summer of progressed, as these families and the Brentwood Hills family prayed for God’s direction, the details began to fall in line until the date was set.
On September 11, 2016, these 34 people, along with the support of about 70 friends and family held their very first worship service in Nolensville…on the back porch of Mark and Heather Bell’s home.  As the weeks went by and the family and friends returned to their home congregations, Nolen Hills began to develop its own persona as more and more new people came to join the work.  The Bell’s home served our “baby church” perfectly as we figured out together how to manage growth, classes, preaching and teaching, six degree winter Sundays and 98 degree summer Sundays.
By September 10, 2017, we had grown to over 100 and began worshipping at Nolensville High School while we patiently waited for the construction of a building on our property.
Oh, did we forget to mention the property?
On December 16th of 2016, with the underwriting of the Brentwood Hills congregation, the Nolen Hills family was able to purchase 62 acres one mile south of Summerlyn Lane.  That purchase was made possible because of God’s influence on all involved.
One last thing about our history…it’s only temporary as we are a church family focused on the future.  As soon as you choose to become a member of our family, you become of founding member of the work yet to be done. You will become part of our future of being light and love in the Nolensville community.